NPC Archive Item: What’s new on NPC? (December 2009)

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14 December 2009

We have added and updated some new resources on the therapeutics section of NPC recently — why not take a look?

The therapeutics section of the NPC virtual building contains materials arranged in floors (for example, asthma) which are grouped into categories (for example, respiratory tract). For each theme, a number of resources are available (see below for descriptions).

New floors opened:
We have opened three new floors in the information mastery suite. The new floors currently have <60minute eLearning events and extra resources are being prepared.

Evidence-informed decision-making 1 – overview
How can busy practitioners keep up date with the evidence and use it to make better decisions with their patients? This floor provides a summary of the philosophy of the three elements of information mastery and how this can help busy practitioners practice modern evidence-based healthcare.

Evidence-informed decision-making 3 – making decisions better
More depth on the psychology of how humans (including health professionals) really make decisions, and how we can make decisions better, even with our busy everyday lives.

Evidence-informed decision-making 4 – communicating risks and benefits
How can health professionals help patients make more informed decisions about their treatment choices (provided of course, that this is what the patient wishes).

These three Evidence-informed decision-making sections are supported by the Evidence-informed decision-making 2 – skills section, which looks at the underpinning knowledge and skills which are essential to 21st century practitioners: what types of evidence are available, how to makes sense of a summary, including the numbers and terms such as relative risk and number needed to treat.  This floor has a full set of quizzes, case studies and key slides.

Wound care. A floor which tackles some very important aspects of many patients’ wound care. There are sections looking at general aspects of wound care, and pressure ulcers, leg ulcers and management of the diabetic foot in particular.

Updates to existing floors:
Atrial fibrillation: a new patient decision aid and recorded <60 minute eLearning event are available

Venous thromboembolism: a new <60 minute eLearning event and key slides are available

What resources are available on the therapeutic categories of NPC?
Depending on the topic, some or all of the following resources are available for each therapeutic theme:

  • A <60 minute eLearning event, where you can watch and listen to an NPC trainer present a series of short workshops on the theme – generally all in less than 60 minutes
  • A key slide set for the theme, with extensive notes, to use in discussion with others
  • A data focused commentary, where you can read a commentary which compares recent prescribing data with the evidence base for that theme. There are also questions for reflection
  • A patient decision aid which you can download to help explain therapeutic choices to patients so that they can come to an informed decision
  • One or more quizzes where you can test your knowledge of the theme. The quizzes are formative — getting answers wrong is a valuable way of learning as fully referenced answers are provided
  • One or more case studies, which are fictional but represent “real world” scenarios where you can apply your understanding and compare your answers with fully referenced suggested model answers

We are still in the process of developing materials for the NPC website, and are continually updating material.

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