NPC Archive

NOTE – This is an archive post from the NPC and has not been updated since first publication. Therefore, some hyperlinks may no longer be working.

Until joining NICE in 2012, the National Prescribing Centre (NPC) generated a vast range of prescribing support materials, including information on medicines, prescribing advice, training and education, governance and decision-making.

These materials have now been uploaded to this website, and can be searched via the search button at the top of this screen. Whilst the NPC materials are no longer being updated, healthcare professionals may still find some of this information useful.

Note – the NPC materials are freely available, whereas to search the more recent Keele’s KINES publications, users should ensure they have logged in.

All articles written by the NPC are identified in the title line as ‘NPC Archive Item’ and by the presence of an NPC logo, such as….

MeReC Rapid Review



Please be aware – the NPC materials have not been updated since they were first published. Many links in these articles are no longer working. We also caution that some of the information in these bulletins may now be out-of-date, for example due to the publication of new NICE guidance.