Keele Centre for Medicines Optimisation is based at Keele University within the School of Pharmacy and Bioengineering.

The Centre has been existence for over 20 years, providing prescribing support services to a wide range of organisations, including NHS and government groups, and pharmaceutical companies.

We can provide:

  • Prescribing and Healthcare Data analysis: Need data to support your project or initiative? We have experience in the analysis of a wide range of healthcare data sets, including:
    • ePACT/ePACT2 primary care prescribing data
    • DEFINE secondary care prescribing data
    • Outcomes data, e.g. Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES) and Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) (CPRD/HES projects are led by Dr Martin Frisher).
  • Medical Writing Services: Keele has a team of experienced writers who work across many therapeutic areas and who have supported clients including NICE and NHS England.
  • Clinical Evaluation/Critical Appraisal Services: Need a product or a drug class  evaluated? The team has many years experience in providing critical appraisal support to prescribing committees, and is the home of the widely-respected Midlands Therapeutics Review and Advisory Committee (MTRAC).
  • Educational Outreach: We can provide educational materials to support the delivery of local initiatives, alongside healthcare data to inform and monitor change.   We can also provide online hosting of educational resources. Through the Keele IMPACT programme, we can deliver face-to-face training to your primary care pharmacists to deliver messages (“academic detailing”) to local GPs and primary care teams, or alternatively provide educational outreach direct to your GPs via the team of experienced pharmacists we work with. Recent IMPACT programmes delivered on behalf of West Midlands CCGs have focused on antibiotic prescribing, polypharmacy and opioid prescribing in primary care.
  • Surveys/Evaluation services: We can be commissioned to carry out evaluations of local projects. Recent evaluations/surveys carried out by Keele include the evaluation of the Medicines Optimisation Dashboard on behalf of NHS England and an international survey of clinical pharmacy commissioned by the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists.
  • Consultancy services: We have worked with many organisations to support local projects and initiatives.
  • Events: We can be commissioned to organise and deliver training events. Recent training days have covered acute kidney injury and information mastery.

Please email medman@keele.ac.uk for further details.