NPC Archive Item: HPA updates guidance on management of infections in primary care

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31 August 2010

The Health Protection Agency has updated its guidance on management of common infections in primary care. The recommendations are in agreement with other guidance, including that from NICE, SIGN and CKS.

This is an invaluable guide to prescribers and is worth comparing with your usual practice (recognising that local official policies may differ as appropriate). Prescribing managers, microbiologists, local laboratories and other stakeholders should review this guidance and make any necessary adaptations to suit local service delivery and sampling protocols.

All the recommendations are fully referenced and graded, and there are hyperlinks to further resources if more detail is needed. In addition, the rationale behind the recommendations and comments on the references are given, making this a very useful learning resource.

More information on antibiotic prescribing can be found on the common infections section of NPC

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