NPC Archive Item: Co-proxamol price increases dramatically

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As we reported in a recent blog, at the end of 2007 the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) issued clarification about what is expected to happen following cancellation of the marketing authorisations for co-proxamol. Subsequently, the Drug Tariff price for co-proxamol has been increased dramatically.

In December 2007, co-proxamol was listed as Category M with a reimbursement price of £2.79 for 100 tablets. In January 2008 it has been changed to Category C with a reimbursement price of £20.36. This equates to a seven-fold price increase.

Action: Following the withdrawal of the marketing authorisations and this substantial price increase clinicians should consider changing as many patients as possible to alternative products, as advised by the MHRA. Audits should be undertaken to identify patients taking co-proxamol and the pain control of all such patients should be reviewed fully and their prescriptions changed to more suitable and licensed alternatives. Further information on appropriate pain control can be found on the pain management section of NPC.

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