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Allergy UK, the countries leading national medical charity for dealing with allergy, will be introducing an Allergy Screening service from 19th May, to coincide with National Allergy Week. The pharmacy based service will be offered initially in 51 of 152 PCT areas in England before being rolled out to the rest of the UK

Allergy affects approximately one in three of the population in the UK at some time in their lives1 but, without information on what is causing the problem, sufferers will be unable to manage their condition and as a result their health may deteriorate.

The Allergy Screening service will feature as a central part of the 2008 ‘Ask your Pharmacist Campaign’, which focuses on encouraging the public to go to their local pharmacy to seek out services.

What is the background to this?

The ‘Ask your Pharmacist Campaign’ is a yearly campaign run by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA). As well as including the allergy screening service, this year’s campaign in England also includes a focus on medicines use reviews (MUR), health checks, and sexual health. (In addition to this service, many minor ailment services in pharmacies throughout the country follow locally agreed protocols to provide treatment for hay fever).

Allergy UK has reported a rise in the number of people affected by allergies and recognised a gap in the availability of an accessible high quality screening service. The charity has been working alongside the NPA to develop the allergy screening service which is now being promoted through the ‘Ask your Pharmacist Campaign’. The screening service involves a consultation, during which a full medical history will be taken by pharmacists who have undergone specialist training from the Centre for Postgraduate Pharmacy Education (CPPE) and the Clinical Director of Allergy UK. Ongoing support and information will continue to be provided by Allergy UK.


  • From the 19th of May an Allergy Screening service will be introduced in local pharmacies in 51 of 152 PCTs in England
  • The service will provide the opportunity for a consultation with a pharmacist who will then offer the allergy sufferer advice and information
  • On-going support and information will be provided by Allergy UK.
  • The NPA’s ‘Ask your Pharmacist’ campaign for 2008 will be used to promote this service
  • This years campaign also focuses on MUR, health screening and sexual health


PCT medicines management teams and primary healthcare teams should be aware of pharmacies offering this service in their area and should support patient signposting where appropriate

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1. accessed 16th May 2008


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